Saturday, April 28, 2012

Blog Turns 2!

Yesterday AN turned 2. (even though I only started blogging semi regularly a little over a year ago). I can't believe I was still in high school, about to graduate, when I started this little space. I kind of miss that time in my life, but mostly the people in it.

Blogging has been/is so fun for me. Its my own creative journal where I can keep track of some of the people I meet, places I go, and things I make.
People, places, and things...thats why its an abstract noun :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Small Things

Today I... woke up at 9:31 for my 9:30 class and managed to get there at 9:37, accidentally squirted black paint on this girls designer jeans and felt super bad about it, cooked mushroom risotto for lunch, stressed out about my finals, read vintage Vouges and Life Magazines in the library basement instead of working on my finals, marveled over how nice all the reference desk librarians are/freaked out for 5 min. wanting to be a librarian, listened to the below song on repeat for 100 hours, & then took some pictures of some nice things laying around my room.
'Beautiful Dawn' by the Wailin' Jennys...this song gets me every time.

From top to bottom (all photos are my own):
dried roses taped to my wall
adorable gardening tools gifted from a friend
bowl of crystals and turquoise beads from Israel that I'm waiting to make jewelry out of
white loafers that I've been wearing all year and still haven't gotten dirty
velvet fox mask

Monday, April 23, 2012

Canada March Photo Diary

As you probably know I went to Canada a month ago for spring break.
I've already blogged about field shellsbear skulls, and the quiet life I experienced there...but now I'm finally posting my photo diary.
The main reason I loved my short trip so much is because it was a few days that I could complete devote to photography.
Even though I consider photography one of my biggest hobbies/passions I hardly ever experiment with my camera! I find a mode/way of shooting I like and I stick to it.
This trip was different. Although I've probably been to Canada 25 times in my 20 short year of life, I had never been in March (or early spring/spring at all).
Everything looked completely different from the winter and summer months.
I was shocked to discover how unusually colorful yet insanely dull all of the nature looked. Does that concept make sense?
For example one moment I'd goes outside and the world was blanketed in gray and beige; however, I'd walk for 10 minuets and the forest floor would be glowing with neon mosses and fungi. It was so so so so perfect for my photographing escapade!
(So if you like the pictures don't credit me credit mama earth....)
((Actually please don't steal my pictures credit us both))
I'm usually a really heavy shooter and take tons of photos that I then edit down later, but this trip I carefully selected each photo I took (I tried to channel my inner film photographer self).
The result of this was I got a lot more pictures I liked; however it was so impossible for me to edit down on my computer and ya 10-15 Canada photos like a normal person....I feel so attached to them all.
Even though I took multiple cozy naps by the fire, ate towering seafood feasts, wore Native American moccasins and Irish knit sweaters (like a mo-fo), and lived a pretty aesthetically pleasing indoor life I mostly saved my picture taking for outside. AKA the pictures below don't have that much variety. They are about 75% trees 10% moss 10% ponds and 5% rocks.

I always think that a huge part of being a good photographer (or artist at all for that matter) lies in the way you present your work. I always admire blogs and websites where the photos are carefully chosen and presented in a clean, simple, narrowed down way...I'm so bad at doing this...if anyone has any tips please tell me HOW...literally whenever I have to send out my portfolio for a job it always has like 70 too many slides because I just can never choose WHAT THE HECK to include and not to include.

So I created a read more to not overwhelm the blog with too pictures of beaver dams and buoys. I would be so honored/happy if people actually did click 'read more' and told me what they thought. I'm pretty pleased with this little body of nature/landscape photo work.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Map Swimsuits

Its almost swimsuit season & I gotta admit I can't stop dreaming of the lazy-sunshine-ice-cream-eating days that seam so close yet so far away.

I have such a good feeling about this summer. I'm working at the Anthropologie design offices in Philly (eeeeeek!!), and can't wait to be in a creative environment that isn't art school. I think it will be a refreshing change.

Anyway to cure my summer fever I designed some swimsuits inspired by summer travel (i.e. maps and the ocean) hope you enjoy....
I did some research on cool old & new maps, and these were some of my favorite. I manipulated the colors and then created graphic prints.

I thought the ocean print could be fun...if you were playing in the waves you would just...blend in :)
This one is my favorite probably because of my current undying love for the shade of nude (in the back bows).

Friday, April 13, 2012


Back in February (here) I vowed to try to post some more sketchbook work on the here are some bits and pieces from the last month...
...some little mixed media collages
watercolored cupcake girls with dipped dyed hair and pouffy tea dresses
playing around with different textures
one of many sketches I did when I went to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens (here) last week
Detail 1
Detail 2...I'd like to turn these two detail shots into postcards maybe :)
and lastly an owl collage

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Oh how I miss waking up to this yawn :)

As much as try to enjoy every day here at college (it will all be over before I know it eek), I'm really really really excited for summer to start/to go home and snuggle with my dogs. I mean common' now...HOW cute is Yodie?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Field Shells

A few more photos from Canada in march.
Finding discarded shells in a field always feels so much more exciting than finding them on the beach... :)


Another activewear collection....running clothes.....
Experimental flats...not so technical, but kind of fun!
sports-bra and shoe details.....

Friday, April 6, 2012

5 little things

When I was a junior in high school, Shawn Achor gave THIS exact talk on positive psychology. Now whenever I have a no good very bad day or week I try to make a list of the good little things in my life to put everything in perspective...
So here it goes...5 little things....
1. Going for walks in my neighborhood, and seeing apartments with gargoyles. I'd loveeeee to live here and channel my inner Esmeralda every day.
2. When Pratt is all bloomy and beautiful and showcases student work in creative ways like the one above. The works are freshman 3D sculptures, that were hung from a bunch of trees to reflect light on the main lawn.
3. A little peak of what I've been working on in my studio class. Neon fringe=so much yay.
4. Wednesday I walked to and spent all day at the Brooklyn Botanical gardens. I got sunburnt and freckled drawing in the deserted grass. Ahh I love perfect sunny spring days.
5. When I look out my window at 6 in the morning at there are one trillion school busses bizarre and funny.

Have a good weekend everybody!