Monday, May 28, 2012

Peonies & The Start of Something New

My mother has the most beautiful flower garden, and right before I left for Philadelphia she picked me this bouquet for my room. I wish I could have enjoyed it longer...fresh peonies are just...uhh too pretty!

I start my design internship job thing at Anthropologie tomorrow! I can't believe it! I really don't know what to expect but I think its going to be a fun & creative summer! Wish me luck at figuring out Philadelphia public transportation tomorrow :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pratt 2012 Senior Fashion Show

This years senior fashion show was so inspirational!
After the show I felt so good about being a fashion major and going to Pratt because it was an awesome reminder that I will be able to create work on this level in just two years!

I brought my camera along and obnoxiously took photos from my seat in the corner...aka these photos are shit, but I just wanted to give the seniors a huge bravo and brag for a min. saying this is where I go to school! I mean you can see for yourself...these collections are photos do not do the clothes justice at all but anyway....enjoy!

Designer: Tersea Decker
Tersea and I did yoga together last year, and I've always admired what I've seen of her work. This collection was made of all eco friendly materials and hand painted. The silhouettes were pretty simple, but so unique at the same time...definitely one of my favorites collections!
Designer: Ping Hatta
Ping made this clever collection with intense black cups and intricate backs to showcase a specialization in lingerie and also evening wear techniques.
Designer: Kelsy Carleen Parkhouse
Oh my gosh this collection was one of the best things I've seen in a long time. It was with out a doubt my favorite of the day and won the 'Liz Claiborne Award-Concept to Product,' winning a $25,000 prize to help cover costs to create a collection to show during New York Fashion Week.
Kelsy was inspired by American quilting and the Grand Canyon, merging folksy with sophisticated, and um she did an amazing job. Its rare I see clothes on the runway that have the same/similar aesthetic to my own designs but this hit the nail on the head.
My favorite look....
....and more Kelsy Parkhouse
Designer: Huner Aldemir
Huner did a really successful job mixing fabrics...leather, chiffon, wool, and everything in between in one collection!
Designer: Kate Wilkoff
This evening wear collection was gorgeous and so detailed! Everything was micro mini pleated and pretty!
Designer: Meredith Lyon
Meredith did this fun anti-smoking collection with asymmetrical silhouettes and bold cigarette prints. The styling was also well done with round no-smoking glasses, cigarette knee socks, and cigarette stained shoes.
Designer: Kate A. Gross
This collection was another favorite. The entire thing was hand tailored (aka millions of catch stitches in each piece...makes me dizzy just thinkin about it) and brilliantly classy with the pairing of mustard and fur!
Designer: Elizabeth Ammerman
I'm not entirely sure what the inspiration behind this collection was, but I'm pretty sure its a costume collection and it ROCKS. There is so much detail in each look. I'm especially a fan of the colored fur strips under the plastic creative!
Designer: Emily Kauffelt
Hellllllllo black leather and sheer!
Designer: Beatrice Weiland
Beatice used knits, camo, and her very own name to make a loud statement. I think branding yourself in your senior show is a risk to take, but one she pulled off. She also incorporated both mens and womanswear in her collection which I feel like would be hard to do.
Designer: Stephanie Parks
Stephanie did all green seaweedy evening dresses...
Designer: Ruby Gertz
I love this deep deep back V-dress. All of Ruby's dresses had subtle LED lights in their crevices and were suppose to be futuristic, which I wasn't really a fan of but you can't tell from the pictures which I think makes them look better.
Designer: Lily (Xi) Li
Simple grey/blue/purple evening wear with pretty braided detail. Would make gorgeous prom or special event gowns!
Designer: Juan Pozo
This menswear collection was so well done! Awesome colors and really unique silhouettes, this collection was another favorite.
And last but certainly not least designer: Dana Hurwitz
This collection was another amazing one. Ombre green feathers (thats right feathers not fur!), sheer pants and layers, and her handmade statement jewelry...I could definitely see this collection at fashion week!
I know its been a few weeks since the show, but still I can't congratulate these seniors enough. I'm also excited to keep an eye out for them at fashion weeks in the future :)

P.S. This is my 100th blog post!!