Friday, August 19, 2011

Monkey C Monkey Do

Imagine driving down a road in Maine, and seeing the above image out your window.
I obviously had to stop and take photos.
This ropes course/towering playground in the sky is called Monkey C Monkey Do, and its located in Wiscasset Maine, next door to the outdoor school my sister is working at this coming fall.
Since I can't swing around on this every day I decided that after I make my first million I'm installing one in my backyard.
Honestly fun does this look?!?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

5 Freshman Year Remembrances

This summer, like most, has whizzed by. I find myself these days folding my tank tops and sundresses away in my dresser, and pulling out leather and sweaters for upcoming fall. I'll be back in Brooklyn in one week. !!!!! (Thats for nerves/excitement).
Last night I was sorting my summer photos, and decided to compile some mismatched remembrances of NYC freshman year, in honor of college year deu starting so soon.
1. My crazy ass dorm room wall.
I MISS YOU. You provided endless color through the winter, and were always there whenever I had random clutter/shit that I didn't want to throw away (aka balloons from my halloween costume).
2. Realizing my pin cushion/life matches my wall.
I don't really know what this means, but its just a fact.
3. That moment when you realize you got too many fabric swatches.
4. Taking selfies at the MET.
5. All night homework sessions of insanity.
I don't miss you, but I know we will be hanging out soon. Please be kind to me, let me eat pretzels, and listen/sing along to Taylor Swift.
I've been on such a healthy/good sleeping track this summer with my 8-4:30 job. I've forgotten what it means to function on 3 hours a night regularly. I will not be an insomniac this year...I will not be an insomniac this year...I will not be an..uhh I'll give it a try....
This is Pratt, on my last day in Brooklyn, in mid May. Can't wait to get started right where we left off!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Humpback & Sperm Whales

Recently I drew a couple of good 'ol whales. I was going to do a set of three and hang them on my white walls, but so far i've only done two........
Whales (and manatees) are definitely my favorite animals.
Just sketchin'
Humpback Whale
Humpback detail

Humpback's witte face ;)
Sperm Whale
Sperm Whale closeup
The third one in the set is definitely going to be a Narwhale because I think I could do some really fun designs in the horn.

Thanks for reading!