Thursday, January 27, 2011


Outside my window the world is completely white. New York got SO much snow last night (pictures coming soon because I couldn't let myself do 3 snow posts in a row).

Veering away from winter whiteness I thought I'd post some pictures of an umbrella I painted last year.

Do you guys remember when I posted about sunglasses (click here)? Well this umbrella is painted in a similar way.

It is so relaxing for me to paint abstract colorful designs. I could do it all day! I think it would be so fun to design/sell umbrellas like this in the future. An object this bright could seriously transform your outlook on gloomy whether.

close up on umbrella detail

Monday, January 24, 2011

Thinking Of Winter

All the above images are my photos, double click to make them big :]

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Purple January

I've been back in NYC for a week now, and all I want to do in this bone chilling weather is sip tea under a massive pile of blankets.

In an attempt to not dread venturing outside/appreciate late winter in its full glory I thought I'd post a few of my photos.

The end of January really is beautiful. The frosted, snowy ground appears almost purple when the sun reflects on it, and everything shimmers.

Try to stay bundled everyone!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

To Jane

Last year I had the best birthday celebration! I turned 18, and was woeful for official adulthood. I decided that I wanted to celebrate my birthday the day before as a 'Goodbye 17 Party' oppose to an '18th Bday Party' on my actual birthday.
My friend Jeremy gave me around 60 feet of bubble wrap as a gift (Isn't that the best gift ever??), and so I gathered up some of my favorite people, and passed out jars of face paint. After coloring our  faces my entourage and I went down into the basement of our dorm. We spread bubble wrap down the length of the hallway, and jumped around embracing our inner six-year-old selves. We made so much noise. Sheer happiness.
Since my friend Jane's birthday is tomorrow, and mine is Friday I thought this post would be the perfect trip down memory lane.
Birthday girls. I love you Jane!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fairy House

Introducing...the fairy house that sits in my living room:

I find that the blue pictures (taken with the room lights off) are Avatar-esque...thoughts?
One of my favorite summer childhood activities was building fairy houses along side my sisters. Over the years we created hundreds, fully equipped with scallop shell roves, pine cone logs, and birch bark bathtubs. We built them hoping the fairies would come at night and leave glass beads on the moss in the morning. They always did.
My older sister, Paula, started the tradition of the indoor fairy house pictured above. Every year we get fresh moss and redecorate the house. All of the fairies, as well as all the other content is either handmade or found (except for the china gnomes, birds, etc.) The interior design credit this year goes mostly to my younger sister Sophia who braved the frosty air and frozen ground for the moss.