Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tacombi Mexican Restaurant

Two weeks ago I went to a restaurant with some friends (Aza and Amanda shoutout/heyyyy) that changed my view on Mexican food, and I had to share!
Don't get me wrong I've always loved a good vegetarian burrito, but when choosing where to go out to eat Mexican usually falls to the end of the list. Until now........
Here is Tacombi, a casual Mexican restaurant located near the East Village, with the most delicious food and the cutest atmosphere. Plus its really resonably priced....what more could you want!?
The chef makes all the tacos in this vintage bus. After seeing the bus I was sold....
The best part about the restaurant is that everything is miniature, but you still leave full! can order an infinite amount of mini tacos because each one is so cheap...I had so much fun trying the different combinations.
yum. yum. yum. I can't wait to go back!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Swedish Inspired Children's Wear

For my childrens wear apparel project we had to chose an 'ethnic inspiration'.
I found this cookbook at Salvation Army for $1, and was attracted to the perfect illustration on the cover. (Side note: the inside of the book is just as good--it has the best baking recipes--leave it to the Swedes!)

Also, when I was tiny my mom and I has these rad matching coats (I wish I had access to a picture) which were handmade in Northern Sweden. They were constructed out of red, blue, and yellow wool, and were clustered with matching/clashing embroidery and rickrack. The above factors paired with my unnaturally large attraction to primary colors/prints inspired me to create these clothes. yay.
First I drew a print....
...and then manipulated it, hoping I could use the design as lining for the outerwear of the clothes.
Hehee totally took the idea for different colored socks from Pippi Long-stocking...a personnel hero of mine...
Fabric board...from top left to bottom right....
fuzzy blue wool, medium weight b/w wool, caramel cashmere, floral corduroy, lace trim, printed cotton, grey rib knit, red cotton, thick embroidered cotton, giant whaled corduroy, yellow cotton, quilted denim, loose cut and sew knit :)
Garment Flats.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Colorful Textured Backpacks

For my accessory project, in my Apparel Design class, I chose to design backpacks (other people chose shoes, hats, sunglasses, purses.....) because I'm always in need of a bag that can accommodate my camera/purse/notebook/life.
I spent all last night in the Pratt computer labs (uhh everyone is so mean there....except Michaela, but she wasn't working) scanning all my apparel projects so that I can eventually post them here...

Here is my missy project from last year, if ya care to take a peek
Mood Board Collage.
I was inspired by the color and texture of natural objects (does this surprise anyone???)
EX: the jellyfish reminded me of blue and orange tassels, & I loved the color and pattern of the pheasant feathers...etc.
All the backpacks combine a ton of different fabrics and textured metal. The shell/dinted textured metal is hinged at the openings (and added as detail) making the bags more 3D.
Metal side panel so the bag doesn't collapse on itself....also tasseled zippers.......
Metal triangle flap, and green leather tassels if you can't tell.....
3D metal dome....

Do you guys have a favorite? I'd love to hear!! :D