Sunday, September 26, 2010

Farmers Market

I have recently fallen in love with the Fort Green farmers Market. I go every Saturday to peruse the stands and purchase produce and bake goods.
Markets in autumn seem better than those that take place in other seasons.
They have such beautiful fresh food and flowers that I hardly feel like I'm in New York City.
The tomato variety at the market is quite impressive (also how perfectly does this man camouflage???),
The samples are not bad either...
My personal market purchases included: a jug of this awesome apple cider (I am addicted), a half dozen of these amazing homemade donuts (also addicted), a baguette, a couple tomatoes and peaches, and a bouquet of cornflowers pictured below (to dry of course).

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fashion Night Out Shoes

As you can probably guess from my previous post I cannot get enough of Fashion Night I thought I'd dedicate another post to a few pairs of the fabulous shoes I encountered during my night...
Couples with matching footwear is just so awesome.
The best part about this couples footwear? There is no color editing involved...
I think this is my favorite pair of shoes I have ever seen...

Fashion Night Out

Last Friday night (September 10th) was Fashion Night Out in New York City. For those who don't know Fashion Night Out is a night during fashion week where all of the designers, stores, celebs, and public celebrate the fashion industry. Stores serve everything from free champagne and cocktails to cookies to free bags. There are events that range from huge sales on clothing to designing your own Chanel flats to free makeovers to celebrity music performances to fashion shows to getting your September Vogue signed by designers...I could go on and on and on...

I attended FNO in SoHo and had the BEST time.
Leavin' Pratt Campus
 Ah everyone looked so classy waiting for the subway I could not handle it...also note I found another person who wears a sailor hat (potential husband???) !!!!!
Obviously great fashion on the way there...
Arrival in SoHo
While there I saw...
beautiful store spaces,
adorable fashionable couples,
(this pair was not a couple but I wish they were...)
Kelly Cutrone,
a lot of leopard print,
and lots of Chanel (which defiantly meant it was a good night)
 It was so fun I can hardly wait until next year! learn more about FNO click here

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dorm Room

What is more fun than a dorm room? You can decorate the temporary space however you want, and then change it completely the following year. This is my 4th year in a dorm room (3 years in high school and now at Pratt), and every time I decorate I aim to make the space as fun as possible, so that I look forward to coming home to it.

When decorating a dorm room you don't have to purchase expensive posters or wall hangings you can simply make your own! Yay crafting!
 Left: My favorite tree hooks for bags and belts. Right: my lovely stuffed animal manatee (which serves as a nice pillow) sitting happily on my bead.

I made this mural from old newspapers, and then randomly colored blobs onto white paper using tempera paint. I painted the paper in the hallway only to come back into my room to find that it matched my comforter perfectly (success on accidentally matching).
I then unpacked my prayer flags only to find they matched perfectly aswell. I guess I lucked out.

Note under my bed my 25 thousand boxes of all art supplies :]

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tangerine Jellyfish

A small jellyfish series I shot in Norwegian waters this summer.

Powdered Skies

I took these frosting sky lovelies while flying through time zones during midsummer. The first autumn breeze blew today, and as I smiled at the sun I realized that there is nothing like a summer sky.