Friday, June 29, 2012

Painted House and Garden

I don't think I need to write much this post.
I was just walking down the street in the middle of Philly when I saw this house/veggie garden.
Fun fact: Philadelphia has more public art than any other city in the US, and someone told me its 2nd in the world behind Venice, but I might need to check some statistics on that one...
...regardless this garden is so magical...imagine it in the fall when all the vegetables are ripe!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Home Office Update

Another Week at the Anthropologie home offices is coming to a close....summer is going TOO fast. Every day this job & this city fills me with such joy. I'm so grateful for kind people, rooftops, breezy summer days, and just being 20 years old. Honestly what a gift it is to be this young and doing what I love in a city I don't know. So thanks for that universe.
My sister, Sophia, visited for a day and I made her snap a couple of phone pics on this couch (something I've wanted a picture on since I interviewed back during the year :)

& a couple a phone pic outfit details....
Hope everyone out there is having an amazing summer :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Strawberry Pie & an Anthro Birthday Party

Last Sunday was baking day. I went to the store/farmers market and got all my strawberry summer pie ingredients.

It was one of my mentors birthdays on Monday so I basically ate one whole pie myself while watching the bachelorette and brought the other to work for a classic Anthropologie birthday party.

My 4th favorite thing about work behind getting paid to collage/draw prints/be creative, pet dogs (cause everyone brings their dogs to work),  and work in a fairy world, are the parties.
Every day it seems like some group of people is having a party with amazing food and even more amazing decor. Last week I was put on tassel/spinach & artichoke dip duty and cooked and made tassels for most of the morning, aka I love where I work.
Party mid set up
My mentor loves fancy drinks so everyone was told to bring a different beverage as a gift.
And of course I tasseled everything :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Doe and Fox

Meet my friends Doe and Fox...
....just two kids sharin' a popsicle :)
I've been drawing so many animals in clothes recently...I'm thinking of making a series out of it, but we'll see :)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Outfit Details

First of all, this isn't a personal style blog...I mean that would be pretty fun if it was, but I don't have a super gifted photography boyfriend who follows me around as I gaze into the distance looking distraught/mysterious/surprised while pouting my lips (this seems like this is every girl with a decent personal style blogs life lol).

Yeah i've blogged outfits before, but that involves me setting a timer on my camera, running across the room, posing like a fool, and hoping no one walks in while I'm having a photo shoot with me, myself, and I. Also, since I'm not looking through the lens controlling the picture the result is always just a lucky accident if it turns out at all.

This all being said ever since I started working at the Anthropologie home offices in Philly I've really enjoyed getting dressed...I mean I always have, but Anthro/Free People is so my style, so I feel excited each morning to just be bohemian vintage girly me.

Here are a couple little snapshots from monday and tuesday this week as I attempted to document my outfit. Taking photos of yourself sucks. I need a photography friend to be silly and vain with (DYLAN WHERE ARE YOU!?!?!).
Monday. It was a bit chilly so I layered my mint sweater and oversized crocheted vest.
Also...handmade Native American leather pouch and deer vertebrae necklace I found in the woods.
Found a robin's egg shell that matched my sweater perfectly :)
Tuesday. Trying to take selfies but my camera wouldn't focus (but I liked the pictures anyway)...chartreuse skirt.
Moms old belt front the 80s/90s and my turquoise Buddhist box necklace.

Thats all for now....

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Quilted Hot Air Balloon Conceptional Design

The assignment was to create a capsule conceptional design collection, which was interesting because prior to this project I had never considered myself a conceptional designer in the slightest...but after a little thought I realized how many ideas I had within the category.

My professor told us to be really creative with the assignment and not think as the clothes as 'clothes'--to think of them more as art, which really helped me not limit myself. I went a little crazy...but it seems like the times I just go for it are the times I create my best work.
I first did a lot of library research on basket making, macrame knotting, and many forms of weaving. My goal was to create human-esq/fashion-forward/sculptural-art hot air balloons.
I looked at the structure of large baskets and thought about how those techniques would react to a human form.
These two photos, that I found in an old 1970s macrame knotting book, were on my mood board (along with a bunch of quilting pics...but for some reason I never scanned that board).
A couple different techniques that I would use if I were creating the designs in real life.
Balloon #1
I was going for a body cast/weaved basket look.
In my presentation I said how hypothetically these wouldn't be on a runway because they don't allow movement, but simply would be sculptural fashion art hanging from the ceiling in a gallery. The weaving material would be a really sturdy cord, and would hold a human shape, with obviously no one inside.
Balloon #2.
If you can't tell theres a lot of detail in each of the body baskets...during my class presentation everyone was sitting too far away and couldn't see any of the weaving stitches which I tirelessly drew for hours, I guess this is the one exception of something looking better on a screen oppose to a mounted board.
Balloon #3.

Balloon #4
Balloon #5.
All the balloons and stitching I drew by hand/on a tablet computer, and all the fabrics in the balloons I scanned from vintage fabric books. I also photographed Sea Zeda, my lovely model. Thank you Sea for doing backbends for me :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Embroidered Shorts

This past fall I started embroidering a pair of old black linen shorts whenever I had downtime (which was hardly ever so it took over a half a year to finish).
I finished the shorts complete with white fringe a couple of months ago and ever since they have been my favorite thing to lounge or romp around the woods in.
The light was really glowy when I woke up yesterday so I thought it would be a perfect time to finally photograph them.
The embroidery goes all the way around the front and back(:
Had to sneak this last pic last month in Maine at Acadia National Park. Fun times hiking in the woods on a perfect spring day!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Philadelphia Week 1

Wow! Its been an amazing first week here in Philadelphia! I've fallen in love with this sorta reminds me of Brooklyn but it has such an old rich history...I just can't get enough. I just got an iphone so heres my first round of phone pics....ever.
I have to say...even though I'm a real photography kind of girl I am blown away by the convenience of having a camera in my pocket at all times. I find myself documenting the little things in my life so much  more!
neighborhood houses are so old and gorgeous
cool old churches everywhere make me feel like i'm in Europe
sparkly sidewalks!
cute Mopeds at work
Anthropologie's headquarters are in the Philadelphia Navy day i'm going to lug my good camera to work and do a proper post but heres a little sneak peak of our home office space...I am so spoiled!!
The offices used to be old navy ship warehouses and now look like a museum, fusing modern interior design with original features like rail tracks that go inside... 
an old train cart
yup thats a giant Buddha/fish pond inside a building
I'm a huge fan of these umbrellas all covered in scrap pretty!
me on my second day of work....I know I'm making a serious face here but on the inside I was freaking out.
beautiful terrariums are everywhere
and I swear the offices are glowing at all times....its not real
Penn's Landing
Blue doors in Old City
This amazing art is by Kate Henry....I saw her stuff in a Philly gallery and am obsessed....I mean if there is one thing I love its animals with clothes on...and if there another its when its turned into a sewn cute!
my neighborhood has streets and streets of old mansions that are stunning with perfect gardens out front
this house is out of a dream!
and this was the car parked outside...i'm mean really who are these rad people
and of course I have to end with a yummy breakfast shot

more pics and adventures to come! xxxoxo