Monday, June 18, 2012

Strawberry Pie & an Anthro Birthday Party

Last Sunday was baking day. I went to the store/farmers market and got all my strawberry summer pie ingredients.

It was one of my mentors birthdays on Monday so I basically ate one whole pie myself while watching the bachelorette and brought the other to work for a classic Anthropologie birthday party.

My 4th favorite thing about work behind getting paid to collage/draw prints/be creative, pet dogs (cause everyone brings their dogs to work),  and work in a fairy world, are the parties.
Every day it seems like some group of people is having a party with amazing food and even more amazing decor. Last week I was put on tassel/spinach & artichoke dip duty and cooked and made tassels for most of the morning, aka I love where I work.
Party mid set up
My mentor loves fancy drinks so everyone was told to bring a different beverage as a gift.
And of course I tasseled everything :)


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