Friday, June 8, 2012

Outfit Details

First of all, this isn't a personal style blog...I mean that would be pretty fun if it was, but I don't have a super gifted photography boyfriend who follows me around as I gaze into the distance looking distraught/mysterious/surprised while pouting my lips (this seems like this is every girl with a decent personal style blogs life lol).

Yeah i've blogged outfits before, but that involves me setting a timer on my camera, running across the room, posing like a fool, and hoping no one walks in while I'm having a photo shoot with me, myself, and I. Also, since I'm not looking through the lens controlling the picture the result is always just a lucky accident if it turns out at all.

This all being said ever since I started working at the Anthropologie home offices in Philly I've really enjoyed getting dressed...I mean I always have, but Anthro/Free People is so my style, so I feel excited each morning to just be bohemian vintage girly me.

Here are a couple little snapshots from monday and tuesday this week as I attempted to document my outfit. Taking photos of yourself sucks. I need a photography friend to be silly and vain with (DYLAN WHERE ARE YOU!?!?!).
Monday. It was a bit chilly so I layered my mint sweater and oversized crocheted vest.
Also...handmade Native American leather pouch and deer vertebrae necklace I found in the woods.
Found a robin's egg shell that matched my sweater perfectly :)
Tuesday. Trying to take selfies but my camera wouldn't focus (but I liked the pictures anyway)...chartreuse skirt.
Moms old belt front the 80s/90s and my turquoise Buddhist box necklace.

Thats all for now....


  1. Protip for taking selfies: Stand where you will be standing in the picture, take the camera and focus on where the camera's going to be, lock focus. Dunzo.

  2. so cool! love that robins egg sweater and the blurry pics are a nice artsy touch.

  3. You have some really nice pieces in this outfit, the idea you're wearing your mothers belt from decades ago is refreshing :) Oh I know, I have to set up the timer in my room, a big hassle but I do enjoy outfit posts!

  4. haha, I love this post--I don't do many outfit posts on my blog either due to a poorly functioning self-timer and a bf who gets fear in his eyes whenever i hold out the camera to him :)



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