Thursday, June 7, 2012

Quilted Hot Air Balloon Conceptional Design

The assignment was to create a capsule conceptional design collection, which was interesting because prior to this project I had never considered myself a conceptional designer in the slightest...but after a little thought I realized how many ideas I had within the category.

My professor told us to be really creative with the assignment and not think as the clothes as 'clothes'--to think of them more as art, which really helped me not limit myself. I went a little crazy...but it seems like the times I just go for it are the times I create my best work.
I first did a lot of library research on basket making, macrame knotting, and many forms of weaving. My goal was to create human-esq/fashion-forward/sculptural-art hot air balloons.
I looked at the structure of large baskets and thought about how those techniques would react to a human form.
These two photos, that I found in an old 1970s macrame knotting book, were on my mood board (along with a bunch of quilting pics...but for some reason I never scanned that board).
A couple different techniques that I would use if I were creating the designs in real life.
Balloon #1
I was going for a body cast/weaved basket look.
In my presentation I said how hypothetically these wouldn't be on a runway because they don't allow movement, but simply would be sculptural fashion art hanging from the ceiling in a gallery. The weaving material would be a really sturdy cord, and would hold a human shape, with obviously no one inside.
Balloon #2.
If you can't tell theres a lot of detail in each of the body baskets...during my class presentation everyone was sitting too far away and couldn't see any of the weaving stitches which I tirelessly drew for hours, I guess this is the one exception of something looking better on a screen oppose to a mounted board.
Balloon #3.

Balloon #4
Balloon #5.
All the balloons and stitching I drew by hand/on a tablet computer, and all the fabrics in the balloons I scanned from vintage fabric books. I also photographed Sea Zeda, my lovely model. Thank you Sea for doing backbends for me :)


  1. I love what you did! I really love balloon #5...very cool concept.

    xo erica


  3. Love the robins egg that matches your sweater!


  4. i love the balloon project! it is so lovely! the fabrics and the stitching is so beautiful! i love balloon #1, the lines are great. but #6 is my favorite, i really like how her body is positioned.


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