Friday, February 25, 2011

Wave Dress

Last semester I took a fundamental art class called Light, Color, and Design. The class examined things like line weight, grey scales, properties of color, patterns, and 3D forms. The end of the semester final was to create a garment inspired by something specific in nature.
I chose to make a dress inspired by ocean waves.
Below I scanned some pieces of my design process.
I had to find a ton of different things that inspired the texture, color, mood, etc. of what I wanted to design. Since the dress was inspired by waves I picked a lot of things with layers: bike gears, braids, and The Guggenheim, as well as things with sea foam texture: wintery trees, lace, and tea doilies.
Above I scanned swatches of the fabric used...they didn't turn out that clearly, but you get the idea.
Some photos from around the web that inspired me:
This is one of the first times I've put other peoples photos on my blog. I did it mostly to credit and show where I got my inspiration. Comment if you like posts like this!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Birch Bark

Meet Birch, my dads English Golden Retriever. I named him Birch because of his extremely light coloring (like birch bark). Also when he barks my family can make a corny pun...
I wanted to do a post about actual birch bark today, but thought that an introduction to meet my newest sibling would be a solid preface.
I. Love. The. Texture. Of. Tree. Bark.
Wouldn't it be gorgeous to manipulate fabric like that? Hmmm.....
So for some strange reason I was thinking of these birch tree photos, that I snapped during winter break, all day. I jotted down a lot of fashion ideas inspired by the bark on the subway. I'm excited to develop them this weekend if/when I get a free moment...

Friday, February 18, 2011

Risto Fall 2011 Collection

This past Tuesday I worked my first fashion show: The Risto Fall 2011 Collection. The venue took place at the Metropolitan Pavillion, and was full of thrilling adrenalin that made me feel like I was in a different world.

A world of: models with alien-esque faces. Cheek kissing. Bright lights. Wacky braided hairstyles. Spectators dressed so well I almost physically drooled. Music. Press. Fabic. Fashion. And all things chic.

Lynn Furge, Senior Fashion Editor summed up the collection by saying:

"Harkening back to an earlier time when girls on the verge of womanhood mixed their uniforms with pieces from the mother's closet while patiently waiting to sneak out of the house after their parents fell asleep Risto Bimbiloski conjured classic pieces with modern details for Fall 2011."

Here are some behind the scenes photos, as well as some photos of the actual show.
Enjoy! I love Risto, especially his prints...omg!

(All pictures are my own photography)   :)

I'm obsessed with this Bambi-esque fur print!
Another lovely print.
The above two photos: Risto watching the rehearsal.
Also do not be fooled by the models attire (I was). Those are not the runway looks, that is their street wear (I lust).
Below are a few of the Fall 2011 looks.
Some pretty backs.
Two stylish men who were way too fabulous to pass up photographing.
The back of Michelle Harper & Tavi :)