Sunday, June 3, 2012

Philadelphia Week 1

Wow! Its been an amazing first week here in Philadelphia! I've fallen in love with this sorta reminds me of Brooklyn but it has such an old rich history...I just can't get enough. I just got an iphone so heres my first round of phone pics....ever.
I have to say...even though I'm a real photography kind of girl I am blown away by the convenience of having a camera in my pocket at all times. I find myself documenting the little things in my life so much  more!
neighborhood houses are so old and gorgeous
cool old churches everywhere make me feel like i'm in Europe
sparkly sidewalks!
cute Mopeds at work
Anthropologie's headquarters are in the Philadelphia Navy day i'm going to lug my good camera to work and do a proper post but heres a little sneak peak of our home office space...I am so spoiled!!
The offices used to be old navy ship warehouses and now look like a museum, fusing modern interior design with original features like rail tracks that go inside... 
an old train cart
yup thats a giant Buddha/fish pond inside a building
I'm a huge fan of these umbrellas all covered in scrap pretty!
me on my second day of work....I know I'm making a serious face here but on the inside I was freaking out.
beautiful terrariums are everywhere
and I swear the offices are glowing at all times....its not real
Penn's Landing
Blue doors in Old City
This amazing art is by Kate Henry....I saw her stuff in a Philly gallery and am obsessed....I mean if there is one thing I love its animals with clothes on...and if there another its when its turned into a sewn cute!
my neighborhood has streets and streets of old mansions that are stunning with perfect gardens out front
this house is out of a dream!
and this was the car parked outside...i'm mean really who are these rad people
and of course I have to end with a yummy breakfast shot

more pics and adventures to come! xxxoxo

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