Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dorm Room

What is more fun than a dorm room? You can decorate the temporary space however you want, and then change it completely the following year. This is my 4th year in a dorm room (3 years in high school and now at Pratt), and every time I decorate I aim to make the space as fun as possible, so that I look forward to coming home to it.

When decorating a dorm room you don't have to purchase expensive posters or wall hangings you can simply make your own! Yay crafting!
 Left: My favorite tree hooks for bags and belts. Right: my lovely stuffed animal manatee (which serves as a nice pillow) sitting happily on my bead.

I made this mural from old newspapers, and then randomly colored blobs onto white paper using tempera paint. I painted the paper in the hallway only to come back into my room to find that it matched my comforter perfectly (success on accidentally matching).
I then unpacked my prayer flags only to find they matched perfectly aswell. I guess I lucked out.

Note under my bed my 25 thousand boxes of all art supplies :]


  1. Cool stuff, Kaufman! Do you have a single?

  2. no I have a roommate but I only photographed my half


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