Saturday, November 12, 2011

Swedish Inspired Children's Wear

For my childrens wear apparel project we had to chose an 'ethnic inspiration'.
I found this cookbook at Salvation Army for $1, and was attracted to the perfect illustration on the cover. (Side note: the inside of the book is just as good--it has the best baking recipes--leave it to the Swedes!)

Also, when I was tiny my mom and I has these rad matching coats (I wish I had access to a picture) which were handmade in Northern Sweden. They were constructed out of red, blue, and yellow wool, and were clustered with matching/clashing embroidery and rickrack. The above factors paired with my unnaturally large attraction to primary colors/prints inspired me to create these clothes. yay.
First I drew a print....
...and then manipulated it, hoping I could use the design as lining for the outerwear of the clothes.
Hehee totally took the idea for different colored socks from Pippi Long-stocking...a personnel hero of mine...
Fabric board...from top left to bottom right....
fuzzy blue wool, medium weight b/w wool, caramel cashmere, floral corduroy, lace trim, printed cotton, grey rib knit, red cotton, thick embroidered cotton, giant whaled corduroy, yellow cotton, quilted denim, loose cut and sew knit :)
Garment Flats.

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