Sunday, July 31, 2011

Russian/Icelandic Architecture Inspired Designs

Last semester (freshman spring) I took a class called Intro to Apparel Presentation. One of our assignments was to create a line for a 'Missy Customer,' a woman in the 25-55 age group: 'Clothes For The Working Woman'.
One of my life career goals is to find a job where I can go to work wearing patchwork jeans and an oversized off-white t-shirt, or a strappy dress with no cardigan, no matter my age. I was, however, completely discouraged from going in this casual-age appropriate direction, and instead had to focus on tailored pieces, and more standard, boring things like suit jackets. I tried my best, however, to make it fun and original with unique silhouettes.

The season for this 'collection' is fall/winter.
I designed with a lot of wool, velvet, corduroy, and knit fabrics.
Board number 1: Customer Board.
I found these images on various blogs/in magazines (<3 Princess Diana in the top left corner).
This is my visionary missy customer. She is a middle aged woman who loves color, statement clothes, and works in an office. This woman is successful and doesn't hold back when it comes to blazers and good quality fabric :) 
Board 2: Inspiration board.
Since I had to make this tailored I chose architecture inspiration. Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow and arial views of Islandic houses turned out to be the perfect choice. I liked how in both locations bright colors alternated with beiges and grays.  Also, the insane patterns of the Cathedral domes are a dream to design from.
Board 3: Illustration board.
After many sketches and variations in my croquis book, these were my five final looks.
Dome shaped openings, velvet/corduroy striped knees, high necks, dome hoods, godets, & seams galore.
Board 4: Flats
We learn how to do computer flats this coming year, so these are all hand done..which might explain any slight unevenness.
I love you knits.
A lil bit more inspiration (with better color).

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