Sunday, July 3, 2011

5 Little Things

This week I actually sorta took my camera with me everywhere I went. I thought it would be neat to capture a few of Monday-Fridays highlights, since pretty much all I do anymore is go to work. So here are 5 little things.
1. Waking up and seeing the reflection of all my bottles/window sill goods reflected on my wall.
2. Going downtown Charleston, and seeing this fish-art hanging between light posts. I thought this was a cleaver display idea/I also thought the fish were really cute!
3. Birch's face, while rolling on my floor :)
4. Being home alone and getting to eat dinner on my bed, while watching hulu. Its a simple pleasure I know; however so relaxing!
(P.S. avocado salad, apricot salmon, Orzo pasta with peppers, parsley, & tomatoes, 5 bean salad, & white wine. HEAVEN.)
5. I went hiking 4 days this week in Kanawha State Forest, but only brought my camera with me once.
Took these last two shots (which happen to be my favorite of the week) while driving :)

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  1. EPITOME OF YOUR COUNTRY LIFE! One of my favorite posts you've done. You find beauty everywhere <3


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