Wednesday, January 12, 2011

To Jane

Last year I had the best birthday celebration! I turned 18, and was woeful for official adulthood. I decided that I wanted to celebrate my birthday the day before as a 'Goodbye 17 Party' oppose to an '18th Bday Party' on my actual birthday.
My friend Jeremy gave me around 60 feet of bubble wrap as a gift (Isn't that the best gift ever??), and so I gathered up some of my favorite people, and passed out jars of face paint. After coloring our  faces my entourage and I went down into the basement of our dorm. We spread bubble wrap down the length of the hallway, and jumped around embracing our inner six-year-old selves. We made so much noise. Sheer happiness.
Since my friend Jane's birthday is tomorrow, and mine is Friday I thought this post would be the perfect trip down memory lane.
Birthday girls. I love you Jane!

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