Thursday, July 1, 2010


We wear them on the beach, in place of headbands, and while skiing down mountains. We all know and love them--of course I'm talking about sunglasses. 

Thrifty Sunglasses: Since trends repeat over time, your grandfathers attic is the perfect hiding spot for UV protecting treasures! If you think Ray Bans made their fashion debut in 2008, you are seriously mistaken--the coolest RBs I've seen are the vintage ones that made your mom go crazy for your dad when they first met.

Having said this, we all aren't lucky enough to have tons of vintage lying around our families homes. Thrift stores and antique stores are GREAT, but if you are having trouble stumbling upon a good find I have another alternative...

Make your own!
About a year ago my older sister, Paula, and I created a thing we call 'Spotting.' I will dedicate a future post to the art of Spotting--for now since it is the peak of sunglass season, here are some photos of some glasses I've made:
My school gave out free plastic sunglasses, equipped with awkward writing on the sides, that I personally would never wear. Instead of throwing them away I recycled and turned them into something new and fun!
Each colored dot is painted onto the frame of of the glasses. I think they look like nerds :]
 Have a good Friday everyone!



  2. Caroline you are the coolest person everrrr
    these are sick.
    (love ayaka)


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