Friday, August 27, 2010

Recycled playground

Hello everyone! It has been basically a lifetime since I last left a post...and for that I apologize. I had many incredible summer adventures which hopefully will make their way onto my blog during the breezy (but awesome) months of Autumn.

I just got back from Norway (fun fun fun fun fun)! One day while wondering around in Stavanger (a place with excellent hiking overlooking beautiful fjords) I found this treasure:

A playground made entirely out of recycled/repurposed parts used in the oil and gas industry.
It has large swings,
graffiti here, there, everywhere
 and alligators!
 There was also a plethora of buoys...
...that caught many children's attention... well as my own

This afternoon of jumping, climbing, and hanging out with my wonderful Norwegian friend, Oda was so much fun!

Read more about this playground/skate park here. As you can see there was a lot less graffiti when this article was published; however, the massive amount of colorful graffiti is one of my favorite parts.

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