Saturday, April 16, 2011

DIY Lace Doily Boxes

Over springbreak, about a month ago, I renovated my bedroom at home. The last time it underwent a transformation was when I was 10, and thankfully my taste has moved past the preppy-pink&green-matchy-wonderland-hell. I painted everything white, purchased some new wooden antique furniture, and invested my free time in quite a few DIY projects. I'm happy to report that it no longer looks like a watermelon threw up.
For one DIY project I gathered up some paper doilies and pieces of lace from around my house.
I then painted some old pink boxes white, taped on the lace/doilies, and went crazy with silver spray paint.
Ta da. 3 of the boxes sitting on my bed in the midst of the renovation :)
This project was so easy, and I was quite happy with the white on metallic result!

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  1. Thats interesting!Thats crochet lace isn't it?I would love to imbibe them in my apparel mainly a cardigan:)The cut also looks so subtle, I was wondering if i could make a few table boxes too!


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