Saturday, April 23, 2011

Video Montage

I love watching films, however, short little videos seem even more intimate. When I find a new video, be it funny, romantic, creative or inspiring , I get so happy! Sometimes...a lot of the time...I spend way to much time on youtube, but everyone does gross technology-addictive things like that right? I've put together a post of a random assortment of some of my favorite videos. Enjoy on this rainy evening :)

-One of my favorite songs. Ahh its the cutest!
-A day in the life of Abby Road. I'm sure if I visited this site I would do the same thing.
-I feel like this video sums up our generation, which is so sad! I like the message the change and tell people how you feel :)
-The theme song of my absolute favorite childhood TV show. Ahh I swear Wishbone was the reason I passed my freshman year Odyessy exam.
-Love this winter song. Love the animation. Love. Love. Love. Love.
-1994 Barbie Commercial. I used to get soooo excited when these came on TV as a kid!!
-Missing Summer days at the ocean.
-The sweetest wedding video. I love how happy and dancy everyone is.
-This Vintage Wendy's training video is TOO MUCH! Hahaaa.
-This inspiring woman talks about fashion and individuality. I hope I'm half this cool and carefree at age 90.
-This heartbreaking love story is so beautiful! A Brooklyn couple tells their true story from their first date to Danny's last days with terminal cancer.
-A genius wedding invitation video! It must of taken them forever, but its so cute and creative.
-This video will never not be hilarious to me. I fucking love dogs.
-These lost photos make me remember that the world is small again, and that we are all connected.
-A song that makes me feel young, fearless, dreamy, wild, and free.

Enjoy!! Feel free to comment if you have any other good video links/I'd love to hear which videos are your favorites!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

DIY Lace Doily Boxes

Over springbreak, about a month ago, I renovated my bedroom at home. The last time it underwent a transformation was when I was 10, and thankfully my taste has moved past the preppy-pink&green-matchy-wonderland-hell. I painted everything white, purchased some new wooden antique furniture, and invested my free time in quite a few DIY projects. I'm happy to report that it no longer looks like a watermelon threw up.
For one DIY project I gathered up some paper doilies and pieces of lace from around my house.
I then painted some old pink boxes white, taped on the lace/doilies, and went crazy with silver spray paint.
Ta da. 3 of the boxes sitting on my bed in the midst of the renovation :)
This project was so easy, and I was quite happy with the white on metallic result!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

What The Sea Left Behind

I'm currently putting off writing an Art History paper because my want/need for summer is overwhelming. Below are photos I took of a shelf that holds treasures given to me by the sea: eagle feathers, sea glass, indian pipe shards, old bottles, drift wood, bottle stoppers, and porcelain buttons.
Heart Rocks, and Indian Pipe shards.
An old piece of art I found in an abandoned house.
Some favorite pieces from my sea glass collection...I have around ten perfume bottle stoppers, and I love that ruby red shard...I think its from the 1500s.
I love nothing more than finding a sea jewel when you least expect it...I miss that thrill...summer come soon!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pillow Fight

Last Saturday, April 2nd, was International Pillow Fight Day (more info Here). I attended in NYC for the second year in a row, and naturally had a grand 'ol time.
Neil and I only questionably sane prior to caos.
I saw some cool people,
funny costumes,
and other crazy-ness (heheee).
I wonder who won this battle..Thing 1 vs. Red Power Ranger..
And then there were feathers.
Monkey boy with monkey pillow.
Great faces.
Me content/tired with pillow.
On the way back I saw abandoned pillows in the subway station all the way in funny

As always all photos are my own!