Thursday, May 10, 2012

Arthropod Picnic

This semester I took a computer design class which definitely had its fair share of stressful nights and 2 am phone calls to Rachel and Carolyn (luhh you guys!) ...but in the end I was happy with my work and felt genuinely confident making repeat patterns, prints, technical flats, moodboards, and designs on the computer.

Most of the time I still prefer doing work by hand, but I have come to respect photoshop and illustrator as a really useful design tools!
Here is my semester project...
Moodboard & title of my capsule collection 'Arthropod Picnic'
Fabric board & color story (we could only use 6 colors...which was HARD for colorful me)
...the little squares below the fabric swatches are the color-ways...
My hand drawn girls that I colored in and rendered on the computer
Colored technical flats
Black & white technical flats...don't these look so much better than the ones I attempted by hand earlier in my Pratt career?!
Plaids that we had to make from our color story in different color ways (we made stripes too...which are not pictured)
My twill weave plaid that I wanted to resemble gingham/a picnic blanket
Last but not least were our repeat patters this was my abstract one which I made by manipulating one of the butterfly wings in the moodboard
& this one is a repeat print of a giant beetle bugs :)

Hope this gets you in a summer mood...I don't know about you but I could use a picnic right about now

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