Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fur Patchwork In The Library

Fur. Whats my view on it?
I love the way it looks!
Fall, winter, and spring...trims, coats, and patches= :)

As a vegetarian/sustainably conscience person, however, I do have a couple of qualms.
I personally only support sustainable/vintage fur. In the fall I went to a huge leather and fur house where all of the hides, fur, and leather came from meat factories.
I felt like it was a positive thing--the recycling of leather! Since people are never going to stop eating meat, it seems a lot more sustainable to wear the furs of animals that have already been killed than to have the furs thrown away in a landfill. This being said you really do need to know where your products come from, and I try to make a conscience effort to not support companies who kill animals solely for their fur. I try to think in a Native American way...that every part of the animal should be used when its killed.
Anyyyyyway. The leather house gave me some fur/leather scraps that I decided to use in a little DIY project. Yay!
A few weeks ago I purchased a JanSport backpack for $5 at Salvation Army.
I decided to cut up some fur patches and sew them on my backpack.
Then I went to the Pratt Library, 'cause I love it there .......... (it's one of, in my opinion, the most beautiful places on campus).
The book stacks were designed by Tiffany's. The floors, ceilings, and stairs are all made of glass, while the book stack shelves go through the floor continuously for 5 floors!
You can see people walking above you which is fun.
Between the 2nd and 3rd floor.
You can also peer all the way down through the slits in the floor, and see no end...just book shelves :)
While taking pictures I saw this book, which was one of my childhood favorites. Smile.
My vintage button print dress. Also smile.

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  1. So jealous! It makes me want to pop out to The Strand or something, I wish my Uni's library was like that!


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