Friday, April 13, 2012


Back in February (here) I vowed to try to post some more sketchbook work on the here are some bits and pieces from the last month...
...some little mixed media collages
watercolored cupcake girls with dipped dyed hair and pouffy tea dresses
playing around with different textures
one of many sketches I did when I went to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens (here) last week
Detail 1
Detail 2...I'd like to turn these two detail shots into postcards maybe :)
and lastly an owl collage


  1. i love the mixed media collaging! i have so much of that in my sketchbook as well!! love it! <3

  2. Love your sketch of the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. I miss that place!

    Maria @ Orchard Bloom

  3. Really nice drawing :D
    Love your blog, telling about fashion design artwork!
    Following you now
    Hope you'll follow back :D

  4. Lovely sketches! I really like the Brooklyn Botanical garden sketch.

  5. Love this blog! The fashion sketches, your photographs and this post. I'm reminded of a 10 years younger version of myself :) officially following.

    1. Aimee that is so sweet! Thanks for stopping by!


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