Thursday, April 26, 2012

Small Things

Today I... woke up at 9:31 for my 9:30 class and managed to get there at 9:37, accidentally squirted black paint on this girls designer jeans and felt super bad about it, cooked mushroom risotto for lunch, stressed out about my finals, read vintage Vouges and Life Magazines in the library basement instead of working on my finals, marveled over how nice all the reference desk librarians are/freaked out for 5 min. wanting to be a librarian, listened to the below song on repeat for 100 hours, & then took some pictures of some nice things laying around my room.
'Beautiful Dawn' by the Wailin' Jennys...this song gets me every time.

From top to bottom (all photos are my own):
dried roses taped to my wall
adorable gardening tools gifted from a friend
bowl of crystals and turquoise beads from Israel that I'm waiting to make jewelry out of
white loafers that I've been wearing all year and still haven't gotten dirty
velvet fox mask


  1. cute!!!

  2. Your turquoise & crystal pieces are so pretty! You will make some amazing jewellery with these. xx Mandy

    1. I hope so...I will be sure to post the results when I get out of finals and have actual time!

  3. Those gardening tools are gorgeous with there floral designs.. I love it!

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