Sunday, July 31, 2011

Russian/Icelandic Architecture Inspired Designs

Last semester (freshman spring) I took a class called Intro to Apparel Presentation. One of our assignments was to create a line for a 'Missy Customer,' a woman in the 25-55 age group: 'Clothes For The Working Woman'.
One of my life career goals is to find a job where I can go to work wearing patchwork jeans and an oversized off-white t-shirt, or a strappy dress with no cardigan, no matter my age. I was, however, completely discouraged from going in this casual-age appropriate direction, and instead had to focus on tailored pieces, and more standard, boring things like suit jackets. I tried my best, however, to make it fun and original with unique silhouettes.

The season for this 'collection' is fall/winter.
I designed with a lot of wool, velvet, corduroy, and knit fabrics.
Board number 1: Customer Board.
I found these images on various blogs/in magazines (<3 Princess Diana in the top left corner).
This is my visionary missy customer. She is a middle aged woman who loves color, statement clothes, and works in an office. This woman is successful and doesn't hold back when it comes to blazers and good quality fabric :) 
Board 2: Inspiration board.
Since I had to make this tailored I chose architecture inspiration. Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow and arial views of Islandic houses turned out to be the perfect choice. I liked how in both locations bright colors alternated with beiges and grays.  Also, the insane patterns of the Cathedral domes are a dream to design from.
Board 3: Illustration board.
After many sketches and variations in my croquis book, these were my five final looks.
Dome shaped openings, velvet/corduroy striped knees, high necks, dome hoods, godets, & seams galore.
Board 4: Flats
We learn how to do computer flats this coming year, so these are all hand done..which might explain any slight unevenness.
I love you knits.
A lil bit more inspiration (with better color).

Monday, July 18, 2011

Love Bird Pillow

This week I made a quilted love bird pillow.
I just noticed how dirty my carpet is...I swear i'm vacuuming right worries.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

5 Little Things

This week I actually sorta took my camera with me everywhere I went. I thought it would be neat to capture a few of Monday-Fridays highlights, since pretty much all I do anymore is go to work. So here are 5 little things.
1. Waking up and seeing the reflection of all my bottles/window sill goods reflected on my wall.
2. Going downtown Charleston, and seeing this fish-art hanging between light posts. I thought this was a cleaver display idea/I also thought the fish were really cute!
3. Birch's face, while rolling on my floor :)
4. Being home alone and getting to eat dinner on my bed, while watching hulu. Its a simple pleasure I know; however so relaxing!
(P.S. avocado salad, apricot salmon, Orzo pasta with peppers, parsley, & tomatoes, 5 bean salad, & white wine. HEAVEN.)
5. I went hiking 4 days this week in Kanawha State Forest, but only brought my camera with me once.
Took these last two shots (which happen to be my favorite of the week) while driving :)