Saturday, December 24, 2011

Caterpillar Hiking Coats

I think yall are getting the drift for my apparel projects now: inspiration, fabric, flats, & illustration boards. I usually use 14x17 in. boards, so in my opinion, everything on the blog looks shrunken, but I like to post it anyway.......
Coat/Jacket Inspiration: puffy colorful caterpillar!
Fabric board.
It is all different gor-texes, nylons (to hypothetically be stuffed with down), polar fleece, spandex, an a rib-knit.
I painted all the colored gore-tex to get it the exact shades I wanted for the collection.
Figures. I warned you in the last post that these turned out a little cross you don't get your money back. Plus they are holding birch bark walking sticks which makes everything O.K.
1. Blue down winter coat
2. Mint green fleece
3. Orange raincoat
4. Grey down vest over mint green fleece
5. Turquoise raincoat.
Cute snow boots do exist!
Technical flats.
Detail of the blue down winter coat.

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