Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ida's Flowers Costumes

For my costume design project, I chose to design the endearing children's story: Little Ida's Flowers, by Hans Christian Anderson. For this particular project, my class could choose to design for any book, movie, play, or ballet. I wanted to do something really whimsical and fictional, oppose to say choosing Marie Antoinette.
Little Ida's Flowers is a story about an English girl who wonders where the flowers go in the winter. Every fall afternoon, she peers out her window, and sees the flowers slowly withering and disappearing with the looming colder weather. She asks her friend, a boy with a big imagination, where the flowers go. He tells her stories about how the flowers inhabit the king's summer palace when the king leaves at the end of summer. According to the boy, all the flowers in England attend balls, dancing the night away in the deserted castle while the leaves and snow fall outside. Its an enchanting story, that I remember from my childhood, and I thought it would be fun if it was brought back to life as a ballet or children's play. I illustrated costumes for Ida, and 4 of the main flowers talked about in the story :)
Mood Board.
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