Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bear Skull

Hip hip hooraah! What does it say about me that the highlight of my spring break was finding this beauty in the woods? My family has been collecting animal bones, skulls, and feathers for as long as I can remember. Our Canadian cottage is literally full of deer jaws and eagle feathers...which may sound gross to some, but its so beautiful to me. My older sister has the best collection, but with this find I'm close behind.

Finding something like this in the woods is a true gift from nature. Seriously its so circle of life and natural.

After some research and talking to island locals who have grown up knowing the species that live there inside and out, this skull and bottom jaw has been identified as a black bear. You can't really tell how huge from the pictures, but those front teeth are about 2 inches!

The above photos were taken right when I found it, and I was way too excited to get any good shots. Cleaning and bleaching the skull was a most-of-the-day project but its now drying out in the shed and should look sparkly and white by summer :)


  1. That is so cool! Living on the edge of a reservation I see things like that all the time (okay, not as amazing as bear skulls) but I think I need to start a collection!

    1. you totally should Ariana! Where do you live? I'm always interested to see different species of animals in different places


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