Friday, March 16, 2012

Canada in March

Just got back from Canada, and even though I spent longer in the car getting there (4 total days traveling and 2 days actually in Canada) it was SO WORTH IT. The drive from NYC to Canada was beautiful..especially once we got to Maine and hit up our favorite lobster shacks and blueberry pancake diners.

When we got to the ferry landing to go the deserted island it was dark. The sky was glowing as it exploded with stars--everything was so clear!

I swear nature is the best medicine. I missed it sooo much!

Sitting by the fireplace burning logs my dad chopped himself made me so happy/grateful/think about everything. Now I'm back in Brooklyn and its bittersweet...but mostly bitter. I guess I have to get back in the design mindset because the weeks ahead are going to be grueling, but I can't stop dreaming of having a little studio in the middle of the woods where I can display all of my animal skulls and seaglass and be super inspired all the time and create create create!

On another note i've been reading loads of blogs recently and I kind of like it when people only post a couple of pictures at a time...its kind of a less is more thing I think...I know its a small presentation detail but thoughts? I do it sometimes, but then I go somewhere and take a million pictures and i'm awful at editing etc.....well I'm giving it a try now and will post more Canada pictures later!

Above is a sea urchin I found in our field....which is an odd place to find a sea urchin, but seagulls pick up urchins, clams, and crabs at low tide, eat them and then drop the shells wherever they please...

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