Monday, March 19, 2012

Desert Dreams

Loungewear/intimates/nightgown collection.
Inspiration: 1920s slips and the desert.

Presenting 'Desert Dreams' ladies and corny that i'm making fun of myself.....
Photoshop collage that I used as my mood board! (yay technology?)
I used this photo I took in Israel as the background for my presentation boards.
A new illustration style I was tryin' out...
Garment flats.
Flat detail....drawn by hand....I can't wait until they teach us how to do these on the computer....

*ALSO* I had this problem last year (and of course can't remember how I fixed it) but my blog told me today that I reached the picture limit on this blogspot, and it won't let me upload anything! Does anyone ANYONE have any suggestions?!? :(

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