Saturday, March 10, 2012

Double Sided Drawings

Below are two 'double sided' drawings.
They both look like one continuous drawing but then have flaps that reveal a little surprise.

The first one of the fish and crab I did when I was applying to RISD 2 years ago. Its definitely my favorite drawing that I made in high school....during the process of making it I had a huge realization that I was in love with art, (I never knew before!) and that I wanted to be in an art or design career field.
Side 1.
and BAM, claws open up to reveal crab.
Senior year of high school I did a huge individual project of culminating art and enviornmental science, where I did a marine biology scientific research summer in the Adriatic Sea in Croatia. When I got back to the states I focussed my whole college portfolio on the dissected fish, crabs, and mollusks I studied.
I made this second one during freshman year of college (last year).
Throwing up fabric describes my life then (and now) I think.
Fashion design can be all encompassing.
Flap opens up to reveal some leaves.
'Cause even though I love designing, creating, fashion, and textiles,  nature the environmental is the basis for my work. I think this piece shows me dedicating myself to these two loves.
Detail 1.
Detail 2.
Detail 3.

All done in graphic pencil. 16x20 paper.

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